Start Your Own Business

In The News

Grace Collier has recently got into the media by saying people without jobs should start businesses.
Reference: ABC News

"Tensions flared on Monday night's Q&A when industrial relations expert Grace Collier said the unemployed could solve their problems by starting their own businesses."
ABC News -


While for many this will not seem to be practical, it is much easier than you would think.
For example you can get yourself setup as a sole trader in just a few minutes


Start by getting yourself an ABN, you can do this by going to the Australian Business Register site. Its simple and quick.

You don't have to register for GST unless you are expecting to make over $75k (turn over) in your first year, which is unlikely for a start up in the majority of cases.

Business Name

Next you will want to register your business name, this is associated to your ABN, so for easy step by step instructions go to ASIC - Steps to register your business name

Now you are ready to get started!

Whats Next

Here's what you need to consider next:

What are you going to sell?

Lots of people come up with the idea of selling products from China, and at first this seems to be a great way of getting started. However, be warned! There is a lot more to it than just picking some cool looking products and planning how you are going to spend your profits.

You have to consider a lot of things here, warranty, returns, cost vs retail price, wholesalers etc...

Also while hard to beleive, many chinese providers are willing to sell you less than great products, which will turn out to be more problematic than its worth. You will quickly watch any potential profit go down the drain.

What you really need is someone who has done all the hard work for you.

How are you going to sell?

So how are you going to set yourself up?
Depending on what you are selling you will need to setup to optimize your sales. For example if you are selling higher dollar items that are large and personal, your customers are going to want to see them live.
Low dollar items can be sold online only, but beware, even though the internet is a great place to buy and sell, you want to make sure you do not miss a sale because your customers cannot come an try or see your product.                

How are you going to market your products?

Just because you have a great product, fantastic website or shop front, does not mean you are going to get the clients banging down your doors.
You need to have a marketing strategy, and to do this you need photos, videos, and information. So again don't forget to consider this when looking at starting the business and selecting your products.
For the marketing itself you have alot of options, from Social media to TV and Radio, (depending on your budget). 
The most effective way is to get your Social Media Business pages up and running, get subscribers and use built in advertising as well as a good website that is setup to make the most of google.

Consider Bzooma

After reading this, if it all seems to hard don't give up just yet.
Bzooma has done all of the hard work for you, we have selected the best products with both quality and backup service, our products are priced to suit the market and all of the information on the products are readily available.

We have a startup package that will get you up and running quickly, and we will be there to help you with information, marketing, support and even a website.

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