Raven Electric Bike Review


We asked one of our bike owners to let us know his thoughts on our "Raven Electric Mountain Bike".

Andrew McGavin has had our Raven Electric Mountain bike for over 2 years, and he even appeared in one of our advertisements for the bike.

Andrew, firstly what did you find to be one of the biggest advantages of having an electric bike?
When I first got the electric bike, it was the cool factor, but after having it for a while there are some really great things that I liked. You can ride further without getting tired, up hills without breaking a sweat, and the speed amazed me and how fast I could go.
I also love that i can go anywhere on it

Have you had any problems with the bike?
Only a couple of small things, the stand became loose after about 8 months, I just had to tighten the bolts.
I did manage to break the speed controller on the handlebars by dropping the bike too hard.

So did you find the bike to be reliable?
Yes, actually out of all the bikes I have owned, this is defiantly the best one, very little to be maintained on it, and the battery lasts for ever! Only have to charge every week or so.

Did you ride it much?
I ride it all the time!
I even take it away with me when we go on holidays or motorbike riding, its great for getting around. My little sisters are also riding off on it all the time, which is a bit annoying.

So what about the design?
The design is awesome! looks sleek and really cool. People are always looking at it and asking me about it.

So there you have it folks, we have a long term review on the Raven, and its as good as we knew it would be. Thank you Andrew for your feedback.