About Bzooma

Bzooma Pty Ltd is a compact efficient team of product development specialists, marketers, and support personnel, who are committed to the job of receiving your order or inquiry, and dealing with it promptly and efficiently through our dealer network spanning Australia and New Zealand.

In line with the Bzooma policy of conservation, our premises and equipment are powered by solar electricity. At Bzooma, we offer a select range of Personal Transporters through an efficient organization with no unnecessary overheads, bringing you the customer, cutting-edge technology at the lowest possible price.

'Amsterdam' Factory

Our supplier has a new factory in China which is one of the most modern in the world. They produce several high-end European brands and specialise in producing and marketing E Bikes. Most of the exports are to Western Europe.

The factory occupies a production area of 30,000 square meters with five state of the art automated production lines. They employ 500 permanent engineers, production operators and quality control staff, with an annual production capacity of 150,000 e-vehicles. In a rare achievement, the factory holds ISO certification, and the products have attained European CE and EMC certifications and EPAC and EN15194 certifications. They practice ISO9002 Quality Management and 5S Implement System to monitor performance and problem-solving and have an excellent reputation in our field not only for the quality of our products but most importantly for our customer care, after-sales service, distributor support and market share understanding. 

We believe "Our survival depends on quality” hence our products are unmatched for value, and price. Our company offers the best service to the old and new customers alike.