Bzooma Electric Wheelchair

Sprint Lightweight Wheelchair

The Bzooma Sprint electric wheelchair is lightweight but also rugged, being constructed of a tough aluminium alloy. It is easy to drive and it can be used indoor and outdoor.

It is easily maneuvrable in confined areas, so it can get you conveniently close to your work-desk or table. Being lightweight, its performance is nimble on rough ground.It is easy to disassemble and reassemble making it convenient to transport in a motor vehicle.

Wheelchair Specifications

  • Convenient speed up to 8 km/h
  • 2 Powerful lead acid batteries 12V 35AH
  • Charge time of 5hrs
  • Electric regenerative braking
  •  Versitile travel range of 35 km
  • Hill climbing 10°~12°
  • Maximum load capacity 150kg
  • Automatic Charger DC24V/6A
  • Weight 75kg
  • PG controller
  • Length: 77cm, Width: 60cm, Height: 112cm
  • Height with seat folded flat 84cm

If you intend to use the Sprint on public roads, please consult your state's department of transport to advise of the relevant legislation governing use of this vehicle. Each state has its own laws and procedures in regards to licensing, insurance and registration. Links are available for your convenience.
TGA Approved