Bzooma Electric Wheelchairs

'Don’t let them push you around'

When Life is enjoyable, but mobility is difficult, a simple piece of equipment is the solution to restoring active life. Bzooma has exclusive rights to distribute two of the most modern wheelchairs available. Both are the latest development in this field.

Roller Luxury Electric Wheelchair

The Bzooma ‘Roller' is developed by a Chinese Aero-space company and is manufactured to exacting standards, appropriate to a jet plane manufacturer. Its ingenious design gives a rider great assistance, safety and ease of operation.

Details - Roller Electric Wheelchair

Sprint Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

The Bzooma ‘Sprint’ is the product of thirty years of research and development and is the latest model of a line that has been successful worldwide since the 80’s. It is stable, maneuverable and has the latest control features developed to make operation easy.

Details - Sprint Electric Wheelchair

* Please consult your state's department of transport to advise of the relevant legislation governing use of this vehicle. Links are available on product pages for your convenience.

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