Bzooma Amsterdam

The Amsterdam

Life in Australia and New Zealand presents cycling challenges with hills and spread out cities and busy commuter traffic. The standard for bicycle design was set in Grandpa’s day. Little has changed since, until the modern electric-assisted bicycle.

Enter Bzooma’s ‘AMSTERDAM’ With a robust frame of aircraft aluminium, silky smooth latest technology Shimano Nexus Hub gears, and best of all, FIVE LEVELS of BATTERY. POWERED ASSISTANCE, allows Amsterdam to flatten out hills and bring us closer together.

  • Bzooma’s finely engineered enhancements make shopping and other trips practical, where in the past only four wheels would do.
  • Recognised by authorities as a regular bicycle. (Cert EN15194)
  • Flatten hills and bring loved ones closer. ‘Amsterdam’ E-bike will serve you well.
  • Pedal Power + Smooth electric boost from the powerful 36 volt 10 Ah Lithium battery and powerful 250 watt motor.
  • No rego!
  • Eight speed Shimano® Nexus HUB gears with the easiest gear change in the world. It’s just so simple.
  • Large comfy seat and protective cover over chain.
  • Available in two sizes for unisex (stepthrough) ; 46cm and 48 cm and mens 52 cm
  • Adjustable handlebars (no tools required) for your perfect fit.
  • Robust wheels with heavy duty spokes
  • Front suspension and sprung seat post gives you a smooth ride
  • USB port to charge your mobile phone

  • Pedelecs as a physically active transportation

    Shimano Nexus 7 Drivetrain

    Durable, Low Maintenance

    In countries where bicycles are a primary mode of transportation, the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark, hub gears have always been the default choice of drivetrain. Shimano has brought the hub gear technology right up to date.

    Hub gears have some significant benefits:
    With gears all protected inside the rear hub shell, they require almost no maintenance
    They are much easier to keep properly adjusted, and you can shift gears while at a standstill.
    That make gear changing natural while stopped at a red light. The Shimano Nexus 7 is the best geared hub on the market.
    Seven speeds are perfect for just about any kind of city riding, and the shifting is super smooth and so easy for you.





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