Bzooma Electric Bicycles

Bzooma’s power assisted bicycles are technically advanced designs and are made from quality materials and components, giving you the best riding performance possible for the price. Bzooma only selects professional quality components such as gears, brakes, motors and batteries for our range of bikes.

Experts dedicated to produce excellent products, using quality components from Japan, Taiwan, USA, UK, and Germany, assemble our bikes in the most modern of factories. This same factory, manufactures OEM (Original equipment manufacture) for many elite European and British bicycle brands, whose demand for the best is unrelenting.

There is a heavy emphasis on quality and testing, which is your guarantee of an excellent purchase. The designs are the product of design and testing, in laboratories within the factory.

Bzooma’s overheads are low, which keeps the price low, delivering you the best possible value. We are an efficient distributor with none of the heavy marketing costs that load the price of those major brands, giving you the best technology at a factory outlet price. You can’t do better. Enjoy your purchase.

Raven PRO HardTail
Mountain Bike

Raven is a hardtail mountain bike with tough, all terrain suspension suiting sport and recreation.

Details - Raven PRO Mountain Bike

Raven Dual Suspension
Mountain Bike

The Bzooma Raven is mountain bred with full terrain tough suspension, to suit sport and adventure. With the optimised size, central battery, and quality components, you can be confident and capable to hit the heights.

Details - Raven Mountain Bike

Amsterdam Smooth Assist Electric Bicycle

With a robust frame of aircraft aluminium, silky smooth hub gears, and best of all, FIVE LEVELS of BATTERY POWERED ASSISTANCE, allows Amsterdam to flatten out hills and bring us closer together.

Details - Amsterdam Electric Bicycle

* All Bzooma bicycles are Certified as qualifying under EN15194 IE. EN 15194 is the European standard for electric bikes and is recognised in Australia having been adopted in 2009

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