Bzooma Electric Motorcycle

Boomer 8 Active Motorcycle

The Boomer 8 is the perfect around town transport, for the active person. It is capable of brisk speeds with startling performance, efficiency and reliability. A single charge of the battery will take you around 100 kilometres.

Your Bzooma electric motor quietly delivers effortless thrust, and is neatly fitted in the hub of the rear wheel. That simple unit replaces the petrol motor, muffler, alternator, clutch, gearbox, oil, cooling system, starter motor and chain of a petrol motorcycle.

And here’s a bonus. For those awkward sloping sites and cramped parking spaces, your Boomer 8 has REVERSE GEAR. Servicing your Bzooma motorcycle will cost a fraction of the cost a petrol motorcycle, which is your second bonus.

Carbon free personal transport is now within the reach of everyone, and some may say it is our personal responsibility to do what we can to reduce our personal carbon footprint.

Do your bit. Leave a smaller footprint


Motorcycle Specifications

  • Motor : 8kw brushless Hub Motor
  • Battery : 72V60AH Lithium battery LIFEPO4
  • Controller : FOC controller delivers high efficiency, regenerative performance (i.e; It charges the battery under brakes and downhill) and smooth start. The battery management system protects the batteries and achieves the most efficient use of the power stored in the batteries
  •  Accelerate to 100K/PH in 5 seconds
  • Climbing Ability : 30% slope stop and start
  • Range : max range 100 kms with careful riding and 70 kg rider. Excessive speed, hills and a heavy rider will affect range.
  • Windshield : 80cm high windshield not only comfortable but also improves efficiency.
  • Good ground clearance.
  • Compact and comfortable.
  • Special features: considerate design utilising a reversing gear for the rider's convenience
  • Special features: Certified and plated to comply with the Australian Design Rules governed by The Australian Government under the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989.

* Here are handy links for documents to register your motorcycle in your state.

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Conformance Documentation for Australia

Queensland-Queensland Transport

New South Wales-Roads & Maritime

South Australia-Government of SA

Tasmania-Department of State Growth

Victoria-Vic Roads

Western Australia-Depart Of Transport