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If moving around in a wheelchair is your method then why not do it in style and comfort like a King or Queen in your own Rolls. The classic style of the Roller, puts it in the class of fine furniture rather than equipment. 

The rider is assisted by this machine’s intelligence, which applies the brakes to avoid bumping any person or obstacle. The lithium batteries are good for about 2000 charges making the Roller a truly long term quality investment. 

Product specifications 

  • Comfortable speed of 6km/h
  • Powerful Lithium Ion battery 24V 25Ah with a life cycle of approx 2000 charges
  • Charge time of 5~6h
  • Battery capacity of 30 amp
  • Clean and green operation giving 25 km of travel
  • Hill climbing 10°
  • Controller by PG imported from UK
  • Electro-magnetic Brakes
  • Compact and comfortable Mobility scooter dimensions of 1060 x 650 x 1200mm
  • Special Features include Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance.
Bzooma Pty Ltd Limited Warranty

Bzooma Pty Ltd provides this Limited Warranty to the original purchasers of new Bzooma machines in Australia and New Zealand.
Bzooma Pty Ltd guarantees the machine, power base including Motor, Battery and charger, against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year, from date of delivery to the original purchaser. Damage caused by accident or obvious abuse is not covered by this warranty. Warranty does not include the batteries or tyres as subject to rider taking care and maintenance of the vehicle.
To make a claim covered by this warranty the purchaser must contact an authorised BZOOMA Pty Ltd Dealer for inspection and service. Indications of abuse, accident, or unauthorised tampering with the machine power base mechanical, or electrical equipment, will void any claim. Bzooma Pty Ltd is not responsible for transport costs associated with obtaining service or repairs under this warranty.

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