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Amsterdam electric bike

Before we had a baby, we rode our bikes many places and enjoyed the sunny outdoors. Now our little girl is bigger we want to go to the many places we always loved. Southbank is one such favourite. However, our little girl could never make it on her little bike, and we could not pull the little trailer with a four-year-old and a picnic esky for that distance. Our solution was the Amsterdam electric bike. Now the three of us take off with a picnic hamper with me pedalling hard on a regular bike that cost twice as much as the Amsterdam and my wife taking it easy using the full power of the Amsterdam and no sweat. We love the safety of the bikeways and footpaths and our many outings.

Publisher: Bzooma Pty Ltd
Date Published: Sep 7 2017 10:28AM
Date Edited: Dec 6 2017 2:47PM