Making Of Electric Bike Video

To do a days filming one could not find a more pleasant setting than Toowoomba on a winter day, with blue sky, warm sun and a cool breeze. We set off from the Gold Coast at 7 am with a truck load of bikes to start work at 9 am.

Big Yak Creative is a video production company of vibrant young professionals and actors. It was a pleasure to watch them work which began on three videos for the Amsterdam The Raven Pro and the Raven.

They planned every scene meticulously and shot those scenes repeatedly until completely happy. A spectacular park was the setting for the Amsterdam video which has a storyline of boy meets girl etc., and the Raven Pro and Raven are city grunge and bush adventure respectively.

I look forward to seeing the finished product that will feature on the Bzooma website and Facebook. If their dedication to quality is a guide, the videos will represent the products well.

Publisher: Bzooma
Date Published: Aug 10 2017 11:54AM
Date Edited: Dec 6 2017 2:50PM