Petrol or Electric

As our beloved petrol/diesel vehicles sink slowly in the West, the new breed of electric scooters, battery-assist bikes, ride shares and private electric vehicles are moving in.

The future is Electric.
- Ride sharing autonomous BEVs [Battery-electric vehicles]
- Electric bikes or scooters for shopping or commuting.
- Getting frocked up for a night out? It’s a ride-share or a single hire of a car that turns up silently at your door and delivers you home. No longer do you need the expense of owning, running and parking your own car.
 - And guess what; you can’t get DUI when the car drives itself.

Better get used to a whole lot more initials and acronyms folks, ‘cos they’re coming at ya!

VMT - Vehicle miles travelled.
VMT FEE - Payment for
VMT. TOD - Transport Oriented Development.
BEV - Battery- electric vehicle.
DRS - Dynamic Ride Sharing

With the new drive into electrification under way, we will need a new way of thinking.

Publisher: Bzooma
Date Published: Jul 7 2017 5:51PM
Date Edited: Dec 6 2017 2:50PM