The Commuter Ebike

The Amsterdam Electric Cruiser

Bzooma Amsterdam has the key to saving your money while keeping you fit and getting around in comfort. It’s the smart thing to do.

 An electric bike gets you to work No Sweat. (Bzooma Amsterdam pictured)
Choosing a regular and reliable bicycle transport means many aspects need careful consideration. Is it street legal?

It is an important feature of an E-bike that it complies with the European standard EN15194. Australia recognises this certificate and a certified E-bike can go wherever a normal bike can go. Many people are fearful of mixing it with trucks and high-speed traffic and feel safe on bike-ways. If the E-bike has more than 250 Watts of power, you need to register it as a moped, ride only on the road and hold a drivers licence.

The simplicity of operation is key to people getting on a bike again. The latest in hub gears from Shimano Japan make a bike the equivalent of a semi-automatic car. Bikes may look the same as they did 60 years ago they are very different under the skin.
Lightweight materials, high technology motors, lithium batteries, and hub gears have brought the humble bike up to date. Now that E-bikes have evolved, and the technology is mature, many people will consider it an alternative to a second car. Saving on the purchase and running costs has the added benefit of keeping fit.

One can ride to work and arrive cool despite the hilly terrain encountered on the way. Hilly terrain was always a key factor in bike use. When distance prevents using a bike, the Amsterdam comes to your rescue. 

Upon arrival, you will find parking a breeze, and you are not sweaty from having worked so hard. Charging is as easy as charging a mobile phone. Some people will prefer to ride the more trendy Raven Mountain Bike. Men seem to have a preference for this bike and women prefer the Amsterdam, but both have broad appeal. As governments worldwide struggle to build faster and wider roads, the solution to overcrowded roads is right under our noses.

We will catch up to Europe in the use of E-bikes, and it may be sooner than we think. With the total cost less than 10% that a cheap car, people will soon notice. People are smart enough to notice the difference between .50 Cents to charge a bike for a week and $60.00 to buy petrol. They will also notice the rego and insurance have disappeared.

There is a keen price on the complete Bzooma range of Ebikes despite their high quality. They are a bit over $2K depending on the model which is cheaper than some regular bikes. You can see all prices on Research has shown that riding an E-bike will improve your general fitness almost as much as riding a regular bike. Fitness is just a side benefit to the return to biking. Give it a go and rack up some carbon credits on the way.

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Publisher: Bzooma
Date Published: Jul 7 2017 5:46PM
Date Edited: Jan 5 2018 4:22PM