Amsterdam A Customers Perspective

My granddaughter Ella asked if we could go for a ride in the morning. So at Ella took my BZOOMA “Amsterdam” with eight hub gears and power assistance. I was in my lycra riding my favorite mountain bike the Bzooma Raven PRO with 23 gears and electric power when I need it. We planned an energetic 18 Km ride which has many hills and narrow bridges.

After about 10 minutes of riding unassisted by battery power, and riding up long uphill inclines, she tried power assist. Well as she came alongside with a grin from ear to ear she cruised past me with a victorious silence. She was making it look like she had the upper hand when it came to hill climbing with this “power assist”. Ella had to admit, although the “Amsterdam” is for commuting and shopping, it made her longest and first “road’ ride very comfortable.

Now Ella wants to try the BZOOMA Raven around some of the technical circuits in the Nerang state forest. She is a dust demon with no fear and rides like a bat out of hell downhill. Stay tuned.


Publisher: Bzooma
Date Published: Jul 7 2017 5:41PM
Date Edited: Aug 11 2017 3:59PM